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Innovative Solutions for Automated Imaging and
XCyting DNA and RNA Probes

1986-1999: MetaSystems Begins!

Towards the end of the 1980s, the idea of automating microscopy emerged. A key step in cytogenetics and biodosimetry was, and still is, the search for metaphases (the stage of cell division at which chromosomes can be visualized under the microscope). This is a tedious procedure when performed manually. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Thomas Lörch, developed a system for the automated detection of metaphases as part of his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Heidelberg. He named the new system Metafer and founded MetaSystems in 1986.

Metafer gained more and more professional users and quickly became indispensable for them. As a complement for cytogenetics, we developed the interactive karyotyping software Ikaros in 1991. The success of Metafer and Ikaros led to a steady growth of the company, which is still completely independent from external investors.

At MetaSystems, we have retained the spirit of those early days. Today, we combine the innovative power of a young company with the robustness of a traditional enterprise to a workplace with a unique professional atmosphere.

2000-2015: Off to New Shores!

For us, the new millennium was all about expansion and breaking new ground. New products such as MetaCyte, a software for the automatic evaluation of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridizations (FISH), a robot for feeding slides to the microscope (SlideFeeder 80), which was unrivaled at that time, as well as the development of interactive software for karyotyping and FISH evaluation were only a few innovations from this time. The many customizable features of Metafer MetaCyte are the foundation for many of today’s application packages.

The high interest of our cytogenetic customers in DNA FISH probes led to the development of whole chromosome painting kits for the multicolor FISH and multicolor banding techniques already in 1998. Due to the great success, locus-specific probes were introduced in 2009. An ever-growing probe portfolio resulted in the founding of our sister company MetaSystems Probes (2017), which has since taken over the entire probes business.

An obvious sign of the increasing expansion of the MetaSystems spirit was the establishment of our overseas offices. Starting with Boston in the USA and Hong Kong in Asia, today a total of 7 branches in China, India, Italy, and North as well as Latin America contribute to the international flair of the company. At the same time, MetaSystems has expanded and strengthened its network of more than 60 partner companies serving our customers in their respective countries.

2016-Today: The Global Family

We work every day to improve automated processes in microscopy. With the Neon technology, the next generation of case and image data management was created for Metafer and Ikaros. Customization capabilities, user management, and security standards keep Metafer and Ikaros at the cutting edge. New advancements in Deep Learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, can replace lengthy manual steps in image processing. In 2021, we were granted a U.S. patent for AI based chromosome analysis.

Today, MetaSystems and MetaSystems Probes form the cornerstone of a global and solid family of companies with an established network of partners, a customer base in many different application areas, and a motivated and constantly growing team. The unique combination between the innovative power of a young high-tech company and the security and experience of a healthy, global company characterize working at MetaSystems in a very distinctive way. That is certainly one of the reasons why staff turnover is extremely low at our company – yet another reason may be the company’s interest in long-term, permanent employee retention. We are furthermore convinced that it is the interplay of diverse perspectives, opinions, cultural imprints, experiences and values that has made MetaSystems so successful. That’s why everyone is welcome here – regardless of gender, age, origin, nationality, religion, disability, sexual identity and orientation, or other characteristics.


Our software is used in over103Countries

Our product portfolio consists of400Probes

We currently staff170Employees

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Read what our employees have to say about working for us.

As an AI engineer, I teach MetaSystems software to recognize different types of cells, structures, and other objects. I am involved in the realization of a variety of projects ranging from cytogenetics to cell biology and forensics. My goal is to apply the latest technical capabilities in AI to the challenging tasks of our clients to improve their work in the laboratory.

My name is Siegfried and I have been working as AI Developer in Germany for 6 years.

I work as an application specialist at MetaSystems, which puts me in direct contact with our customers in many different countries. I enjoy helping our users understand the benefits of our products and solving their problems on site, in their lab. In my daily routine, I see many places, communicate with a wide variety of people, and learn something new every day. I like my job because it is far from the usual 9 to 5 routine!

My name is Tomke and I have been working as a Product Specialist at our headquarters in Germany for 2 years.

I am the System Integration Team Leader at MetaSystems in Germany. My job is to make sure that all our installations are complete, thoroughly tested and carefully packed before they start their journey to our customers. It’s fun to work with a motivated team of colleagues and take the necessary care that our work requires. At the end of the day, my team and I can see the fruits of our labor in the many shipping packages in the outgoing goods department, labeled with cities from all over the world.

My name is Deniz and I have been working in System Integration at our headquarters in Germany for 12 years.

As Head of Department Human Resources I handle the on- and offboarding process, including job postings and interviews. My job is also to support the management in all personnel matters, always observing the latest labor law regulations. I have been working at MetaSystems since 2007. Since the beginning of my apprenticeship, I have continuously developed myself and learned a lot here. Because I started my career at MetaSystems at a very young age, I practically grew up here and after such a long time, I have grown very fond of the company and my colleagues. I really like the fact that further training is supported and that they focus on long-term employee loyalty. And of course it is also nice to know that we are doing something really good with our products every day.

My name is Laura and I have been working at MetaSystems in Germany for 16 years.

I manufacture the FISH probes at MetaSystems Probes. The daily work varies between routine tasks and challenging new procedures. I find the work in the laboratory, the acquisition of FISH images on the fluorescence microscope as well as their evaluation and documentation both varied and challenging. In my daily work routine, I am able to flexibly arrange the timing of my tasks as well as my working hours, and thus optimally combine my job and my private life. I particularly appreciate the family atmosphere, which creates a pleasant and familiar working environment.

My name is Adrian and I have been working in production at MetaSystems Probes in Germany since 9 years.

As a young professional, I was heard and shown great trust from day one. I create written content for different purposes, audiences, and media. The open work culture with quick and straightforward decisions allows me to contribute my ideas and suggestions at any time. As part of the MetaSystems family, I am encouraged to play an active role in shaping projects. The great respect, confidence in my abilities, and common goals inspire me again and again.

My name is Jana and I have been working as a Scientific Content Writer at our headquarters in Germany for 3 years.

As the Head of the Technical Department at MetaSystems in Germany, I not only coordinate the integration of our products as well as the technical support, but I am also directly involved in the selection and improvement of the hardware offered with our software. I am pleased to see that our installations are routinely in use worldwide and that we have all technical issues under control. For me, it is a great pleasure to see how our company has grown from small beginnings to a global enterprise with a worldwide reputation.

My name is Hans-Dieter and I have been working as Head of Technical Department at our headquarters in Germany for more than 25 years.

As Team Lead of Administration, my team and I are often the first point of contact for customers and visitors. We take care of all administrative aspects of orders, including shipping with all necessary export documents. This ensures that all orders arrive smoothly with our customers in over 100 countries. This requires accuracy, organizational skills, and excellent time management. I like working at MetaSystems because I have fantastic colleagues with a strong sense of togetherness, and the working atmosphere is excellent. This job is anything but ordinary.

My name is Stephan and I have been working as Team Lead Administration in Germany for 2 years.